About Us

In Thai Matsuo, our mission is to drive the environment for innovators, we adopt startups’ mindsets, collaborate with startups and tech/business partners to co-develop solutions.

To help create that environment, Thai Matsuo teams up with all manner of industries to help businesses grow across multiple sectors, including sustainability, and interconnectivity.

An ecosystem hub can be counterproductive to innovation and flexibility, which is precisely what start-ups thrive on. In Thai Matsuo, we understand the importance of key for the success of new businesses. Rather than requiring start-ups to grow, we hands-on consult to the needs of start-ups.



Our Oversea Network
  • Indonesia (PT Matsuo Indonesia
  • Malaysia (Matsuo Sangyo Malaysia)
  • China (Shanghai Matsuo)
  • China (Guangzhou Matsuo-Horsense Trading)
  • China (Tianjin Matsuo-Horsense Trading)
  • China (Chongqing Matsuo-Horsense Trading)
  • China (Dongguan Laboratory)




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